Biblical Reconciliation Conference

Guest speaker, Dr. John Street, is Chair of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling and Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University. At this conference, he provides counsel for biblical conflict resolution.

Session 1: Getting to the Heart of Conflict
Every conflict within the church is a reminder of how much Christ is needed. The source of all conflict begins in the heart (James 4:1-3) with its cravings and dominant desires which fuel anger, slander and violent reactions. It denies the truth and grace of the gospel in the Christian life because it positions itself in pride.

Session 2: Repentance Toward Reconciliation
Resolution of conflict involves a careful understanding and practice of repentance. Confession of sin is proved genuine when it is followed by a thorough repentance. Repentance involves a change of mind that is so complete that it leads to a change of life. God is clear that He does not desire mere peace, He desires complete and full reconciliation (Matthew 5:23-26; Romans 12:15-21).

Sessions 3 and 4: Forgiveness and Humility
Two essential qualities are necessary for complete reconciliation and restored unity in a conflict: the attitude and practice of Christ-like forgiveness, and humility. When these two qualities are absent there will never be true reconciliation but only a truce. God desires more than a cessation of hostility. He wants His Body to be perfectly unified. This is possible, no matter what the disagreement may be, if there is a knowledge and desire to achieve Christlikeness in all the parties involved.

Reconciliation Question and Answer Session with Dr. Street

Dr. Street answers questions about biblical reconciliation.

Dr. Street's notes from the Biblical Reconciliation Conference.