Realm is Eastridge Baptist Church's online communications tool that we use to communicate to our church body and provide a way for attendees to communicate with each other. In your Realm account you can:

  • manage your contact and personal information

  • manage your online giving and view your giving statement at any time

  • search for and join groups

  • receive an email when information is posted into one of the groups you belong to (examples: Prayer Wall group for prayer requests and praises; Classifieds group for selling items, job opportunities, etc.; Serve group for hearing about and volunteering for ministry opportunities)

  • reply to postings

  • keep up to date with what's going on at Eastridge

  • access your account via computer or mobile app

*You must have set up a Realm account before you can log in. See below for information on obtaining an account.

Realm Verses Facebook

At Eastridge, we believe that community with other believers is essential to mature us as Christians and strengthen the church. One of the main goals of Realm is to keep Eastridge attenders informed about what's going on in the church body, including sharing prayer requests and opportunities to serve. Realm allows us to do this in a private environment. Unlike Facebook, your actions are not being tracked and there are no inappropriate ads or comments on the website or mobile app. Realm is here simply to serve our church and enable us to be better together. 

Connecting is Simple with the Realm App

How Do I Get an Account?

Every Eastridge attender is encouraged to sign up for a Realm account. If you do not have an account, please contact the church office and we'll get you set up.