The following documents are a companion to the Systematic Theology Sunday School classes taught by Pastor John. Each document is available in Word format and pdf format. Use the Word version if you would like to add your own notes to the document, alter the line spacing, or are having trouble viewing the pdf version.

The audio files for the Systematic Theology Sunday school classes can be found here.



Glossary of Terms

Contains a list of theological terms for use in the study in Systematic Theology.



Prolegomena Outline

Contains the opening statements and parameters of the study in Systematic Theology. Topics include: What is Theology?; Why is the Study of Theology Important?; What is Systematic Theology?



Bibliology Outline

Systematic Theology is broken down into 10 categories. The first of these is bibliology - the study of the doctrine of the Bible. Bibliology topics include: Inspiration of the Bible; Canonicity of the Bible; Inerrancy of the Bible; Preservation of the Bible; Authority of the Bible; Interpretation of the Bible.



Theology Proper

Theology Proper is the study of God the Father. This section of Systematic Theology looks at the existence of God, the knowability of God, the attributes of God, the Trinity, the problem of evil in the world, and more.

For more information about God's omnipotence (an attribute of God) with specific reference to creation, view our webpage on a literal six-day creation.