Last Week's Sunday School

Sunday, June 9. Pastor John continues the topic of the Trinity from the study of Systematic Theology. This week he looks at New Testament references to the Trinity.

Sunday School Topics

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Systematic Theology

Systematic theology is the organization of theology according to particular themes and topics. It seeks to gather all that the Scripture teaches about a particular area and deliver it in an organized systematic way. In this series, Pastor John walks through each of the major biblical doctrines in a systematic way.



Survey of the Old Testament

This general survey of the Old Testament is intended to provide a broad overview of each book, placing special attention on those Old Testament passages that point to Jesus Christ.


The Parables
Pastor John examines and explains the parables of Jesus. The study begins by answering the questions of why Jesus used parables, how the reader should approach them, and how they related to the kingdom of God. In addition to the Sunday school discussions, click here to access the sermons he preached on some of the parables.